Workshop: Wine is Win with an E on the End

The workshop includes:

  • Historical review of winemaking in Israel from its early beginnings until present day
  • From Vineyard to Store Shelf: Grape cultivation and the manufacturing process (winery tour)
  • The Four Senses: Guided wine tasting of five of Binyamina’s wines from various series representing the diverse range of Binyamina’s fine quality wines from different growing regions, varieties and styles of wine. Participants learn about the factors that differentiate the various styles, tiers and, aging potential of wine and more.
  • How to select the perfect wine: Participants learn numerous tips, useful tools and knowledge on how to purchase the right wine and pair it correctly with a special occasion, a specific type of food and more.
  • Varieties, Styles and the World of Wine
  • Selection, Storage, Maintenance and Smart Consumption of Wine
  • Wine and Dine: A summary of the theory of wine and food pairing
  • The wine workshop is hands-on, practical and customized to each of the participants. The workshop takes place around the table in one of Winery’s VIP Tasting Rooms with fresh bread, olive oil and a vegetable platter.

* Suitable for groups of 6-26 participants


Workshop Length: 60 minutes
Opening Hours: By advance reservation
Price: 190 ILS per person
For reservations and more information: 04-6107535/516