Dry Rose Wine

Grenache Barbera

Dry Rose Wine

A 70% Grenache and 30% Barbera. reddish-pink, bright and clear color Rose wine, well balanced with presence, sharp and refreshing at the same time.


70% Grenache 30% Barbera


Galilee - Ramat Sirin

Serving Temperature

8-10 degrees Celsius

Winemaking Process

The Grenache and Barbera grapes were harvested relatively early for the production of Rose wine, to preserve a high natural acidity level and a moderate sugar level. The grapes were left in contact with the skins for several hours until the desired color was obtained and then transferred immediately for processing, to separate the skins from the must. Following the pressing each variety was fermented spontaneously in oak barrels in the cellar and then was aged for another 5 months, at the end of which the blend was created.

Tasting Notes

The wine has a reddish-pink, bright and clear color. The nose is sharp with a pleasant aroma of citrus flowers. On the pallet it has a refreshing acidity of a red grapefruit and a light sweetness of wild strawberries and red raspberry. The aging in barrels contributed to the structure of the wine and the combination of Grenache and Barbera grapes yielded a balanced wine with a presence yet both sharp and refreshing as well.