Dry Red Wine


Dry Red Wine

The shiraz grapes were harvested from vineyards growing in two adjacent regions: the Upper Galilee, primarily from Kerem Ben Zimra, and Alma, on a combination of basaltic and terra rossa soil over hard limestone bedrock with efficient aeration of the roots; and the southern Golan Heights, with its deep, fertile basaltic soil and fluctuating limestone content.

The Upper Galilee enjoys a cool climate, with chilly summer nights, hot summer days and low humidity. The ripening period on the Southern Golan Heights is characterized by full sun and extreme heat with cool, dry nights. These conditions allow for prolonged ripening and optimal development of grape color, aroma and flavor.


Shiraz and Viognier


Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights

Barrel Age

14 months

Serving Temperature


Winemaking Process

The grapes from both regions are harvested after nightfall, with each vineyard harvested at a slightly different time for optimal grape ripeness. The grapes are destemmed as soon as they arrive at the winery, and then are transferred to small and medium sized tanks holding 5-12 tons each for the purposes of fermentation and extraction of flavors. The grapes undergo two to three weeks of skin contact before pressing. Malolactic fermentation and a light clarification follow, after which the wine is moved into small American and French oak barrels, 25% of which are new, and each with a volume of 225 liters, for aging over a 12 month period. The blend is then selected from the various plots and the wine is bottled with minimal clarification and filtration.

Tasting Notes

Binyamina Reserve Shiraz is made using the New Shiraz method, with grapes grown in relatively cool regions to balance its intense ripe flavors with a fresher element. With an intense deep ruby red color, the wine contains the distinctive aromas of ripe berries and white pepper overlaid with a light smokiness, coffee and chocolate. Full-bodied and well-balanced freshness, with an abundance of ripe black forest fruits and herbs, are rounded out with a balanced and long finish.