Zinfandel wine


Dry Red Wine

The origin of the Zinfandel variety is shrouded in mystery. Many attribute it to the Primitivo variety from the South of Italy but new studies identify it as a variety with origins in Croatia. Whatever its source, Zinfandel grapes succeed in metamorphosing into fascinating wines, especially those sourced from age-old vineyards in California. Our first ever Zinfandel, from the 2007 vintage, was produced following two years of extensive research and development. The vineyard on the Mount Tabor hillside, planted on a clay slope with fluctuating limestone, combined with low yields enabled us to obtain an original and utterly fascinating wine.





Lower Galilee

Barrel Age

14 months

Serving Temperature


Winemaking Process

The grapes are harvested after nightfall. After gentle crushing, they are transferred to small fermentation tanks for cold soaking over three days, in order to extract more of the grapes’ color and flavor. Alcoholic fermentation follows and the grapes undergo a total of nearly three weeks skin contact before pressing. This is followed by malolactic fermentation and a light clarification before the wine is transferred to French and American oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters each. The wine remains in the barrels for 14 months, and after tasting each batch at the end of this period, the blend is selected from the various barrels and the wine is bottled with minimal filtration and stabilization. After bottling, the wine continues to age for at least one more year in the bottle before its release.

Tasting Notes

Binyamina Reserve Zinfandel flaunts its deep, transparent ruby-red color, redolent with characteristic aromas of fresh red raspberries, refreshing mint, spice and flower blossoms. The palate reveals a full body with bold tannins, accentuated by an excellent acidity. The wine is well-balanced and generous. While ready to drink out of the bottle, it will continue to develop over the next few years. Proper storage conditions, together with its inherent tannin characteristics and excellent acidity, enable this wine to comfortably age in the bottle for about four to seven years after its vintage date.