Half Dry Wine

The winter of 2017, in the south of the Golan Heights and Ramat Sirin, began hotter than usual – with less than average precipitation, right until the middle of the season. Later in the winter, rainfall began, and temperatures dropped below average. The spring season lasted a long time. The blossom and blooming were late. On the other hand, the summer has been hot since the middle of May, a little earlier than the usual Grenache grapes vintage, as opposed to years ago.





Ramat Sirin, Mevo Hama, Golan Heights

Serving Temperature


Winemaking Process

The harvested Grenache grapes were used to produce this Rosé wine. The harvest was early-on in order to maintain high natural acidity and moderate sugar levels. The grapes kept in contact with its skins for several hours until the desired color was extracted and were immediately transferred to soft-crushing and to separate the skins from the intense pink must. From that point, the process was identical to the process of producing white wine, including fermentation in a low temperature stainless steel tank to preserve the fruit aromas and short aging in the tank before stabilization, fining and filtration processes. At the end, the wine was supplemented with natural must, which was preserved in the early stages before fermentation, thus creating the final blend that was transferred to the bottling process.

Tasting Notes

The Grenache is a light and fruity Rosé - a perfect drink for warm summer evenings. The wine is characterized with aromas of strawberries and citrus blossoms, tastes sweet, fruity and delicate.