Teav Emerald

Emerald Riesling

Semi-Dry White Wine

This is a semi-dry white wine made of Emerald Riesling grapes. The grape quality and production method combine to create a refreshing, fruity and aromatic white wine, with a subtle sweetness. The Emerald Riesling variety was born in the Vine Research Department of the University of Davis in California by crossing the noble German Riesling varietal with the aromatic Muscadet varietal in order to produce an aromatic grape fit for growing in relatively hot regions. This makes it feel so at home in Israel’s hot climate.



Emerald Riesling


Mediterranean. Features a mildly sweet, floral aroma and delicate fruity flavors.

Serving Temperature


Winemaking Process

The Emerald Riesling grapes are harvested when ripening is optimally aromatic. After arrival at the winery and undergoing destemming and gentle crushing, the grapes are pressed to extract the must. After natural clarification, the chilled must begins alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures in order to maintain the aromas typical of this variety. When fermentation is complete, the wine undergoes stabilization and the final blend is selected and sent for bottling.

Tasting Notes

Teva Emerald Riesling is characterized by a clear and glossy light yellow color. The nose exhibits tropical fruit flavors with floral notes. The palate is fruity and refreshing with a subtle sweetness balanced by delicate acidity. The wine has a light, very fruity and sweet character and is loved by both novices and experienced wine drinkers. Considered a new variety in some regions, Israel’s largest wineries have been growing and producing this variety for decades.