Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry red wine

Cabernet Sauvignon



Winemaking Process

The grapes are harvested at night and transported to the winery close to dawn. At the winery the grapes undergo destemming and gentle crushing. Alcoholic fermentation begins at a temperature of 25°C, in order to preserve the grape aroma and create a well-balanced body for a wine that is enjoyable while young. The fermentation process lasts 5-7 days before being pressed and continues to the malolactic fermentation. The wine continues to age a little longer in the tanks with some oak contact, after which the blend is selected and bottled.

Tasting Notes

The wine is designed for drinking while still young, with expressive aromas of red fruit and a touch of spice. The palate is balanced and very refreshing, and is best enjoyed when lightly chilled. It exhibits a light-bodied and striking presence characteristic of this variety, and delivers a moderate and fruity finish that has you longing for more. With proper storage conditions, the wine will continue to age well for a short period of two to three years, but drinking it young seems to be the best choice for this wine.

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