Good Wine Begins in the Vineyard

Our wines express an epic narrative of their native land. Every sip transports you to a unique region and conveys the love we have for the vineyards.

Amatzia Vineyard

This vineyard is surrounded by chalkstone hills and caves which provided refuge to Jews during the Bar Kochba period.

Tzora Vineyard

This vineyard is located on the western slopes of the Judean Plains in the Sorek River region.
The soil in this region contains a mixture of clay and limestone which, while poor in organic matter, enjoys extremely good water retention, resulting in a natural balance between strong vegetative growth and fruit produced.

Gilboa Vineyard

This vineyard is located in the Mt. Gilboa region, where the terra rossa soil, while poor in organic matter, has good drainage, contributing to a perfect ratio between vegetative growth and fruit.

Deganya and Ramat Sirin Vineyard

This vineyard boasts a spectacular view of the vast expanse of the Gilboa Mountains, the Golan Heights, the Sea of ​​Galilee and Mount Tabor. The high winds to which it is exposed transport moisture away from the vineyard, thus preventing diseases.

Mevo Hama Vineyard

The vineyard is located in the Southern Golan Heights overlooking the Yarmouk River, near the border triangle of Israel, Syria and Jordan, and close to the Metzoke Nachal Meitzar Nature Reserve.

Tel Phares Vineyard

This vineyard in the Golan Heights is planted in deep basaltic soil aerated with tuff rock from the mouth of the extinct Mount Phares volcano. The combination of basalt and tuff results in mineral rich soil with good drainage.

Kidmat Tzvi Vineyard

Located in the Golan Heights, this vineyard is planted in deep basaltic soils, rich in minerals and with good drainage.

Kadesh Vineyard

This vineyard bordering the Kadesh River Nature Reserve and ancient Tel Kadesh village in the Golan Heights enjoys deep terra rossa soil, low humidity and cool nights. Together, they contribute to an intensely flavored Cabernet Sauvignon.

Kerem Ben Zimra Vineyard

This vineyard surrounding the village of Kerem Ben Zimra in the Golan Heights boasts plots with superb, diverse wines. Some plots are located on the basaltic soil of Ramat Dalton and others can be found on the calcareous soil on the slopes of the village. The result is elegant wines with intense flavor.

Kfar Tavor Vineyard

This vineyard is situated at the foot of historic Mount Tabor.
Its considerable distance from the sea means high temperatures in the summer and low humidity, which allows grapes to ripen quickly and uniformly, giving them a deep and elegant color.

Alma Vineyard

This vineyard in the Upper Galilee is located on the northern calcareous slopes of Ramat Alma.
With their basaltic soil, these plots enjoy natural aeration, which, together with vigilant maintenance of the vines, results in perfect ripening and superior quality grapes.