Binyamina Wines Excel in the 2016 Competition

BEST VALUE 2016 Competition

A competition among leading wine brands is conducted in Israel every year, in preparation for the Passover Celebration. Over one hundred and fifty different brands compete in this competition, presided by a team of 18 judges, comprised of professional wine tasters and experienced wine makers.

The judges judge the wines following blind tasting sessions and determine which wines are the best and which wine provides the best value in relation to its price.

What were the results? As we can see just now, the competition decided that Binyamina Winery does indeed offer an excellent value for prices of excellent wines in a range of categories and is one of the leading and promising wineries in Israel

Gold Medal to Teva Shiraz 2015, Silver Medal to Binyamina Reserve Carignan and to Yogev Cabernet Sauvignon and more – numerous medals.

Binyamina Winery won a gold medal in the category of red wines priced at up to NIS 50, for

Teva – Shiraz 2015

The winery was granted two silver medals, the first for

Binyamina Reserve Carignan 2012

and the second for Yogev, Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The winery was also granted several distinguished bronze medals for Binyamina Reserve Shiraz 2012

and for Teva Grenache Blush

As mentioned above, the judges team included several leading professional wine experts, who rate the wines and award scores during the competition only on the basis of completely blind tasting.

As mentioned, this competition emphasizes the high value in relation to the price of the wine, namely, a qualitative wine at a reasonable price. Therefore, these medals help to position Binymina Winery among the leaders of the Israeli wine sector and prove that the winery offers a range of excellent wines at very reasonable prices.