Dry Red Wine

Binyamina Reserve Marselan is part of a new trend of “Mediterranean Wines”, which are demonstrating an increasingly growing presence on store shelves and wine menus in restaurants across the country. Marselans belong to a species of grapes which have acclimated nicely to our country, generating wonderful results and prompting much interest and attention. This successful crossbreeding between Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon results in a grape with qualities from both sides – fruitiness and aroma from the Grenache, along with a good structure and firm tannins from the Cabernet.


90% Marselan

Winemaking Process

The Marselan grapes were harvested in a night grape harvest, towards the end of August at the Meirav Vineyard, located on the Gilboa Mountain. Upon their arrival at the winery, the grapes were transported through a crusher and separator, and from there they were transferred to a stainless steel tank to allow for a period of pre-fermentation maceration (“cold soaking” in low temperatures) to extract more color, flavor and aromatic components. Several days following, the process of alcoholic fermentation begins, during which the wine undergoes filtration/clarification and is returned to the tank to help stabilize the color and refine the tannins. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine undergoes a second fermentation process – malolactic fermentation, after which the wine is immediately transferred to American and French oak barrels for a 14-month aging process. Following the aging process, the final blend is obtained – selected Marselan barrels and an addition of 10% Petite Sirah grapes from the Meirav vineyard.

Tasting Notes

The Binyamina Reserve Marselan is richly aromatic and characterized by fragrances, fresh flowers and a lot of dark fruit. When tasted, the same compressed, dark fruit dominates again, with medium, chewable tannins.