Semi-Dry White Wine

Shomria vineyard is located between the Dvira Forest and the Yatir Forest. The plot is mostly loess, clay and sand. The daily heat and the cool nights give the fruit the possibility to optimally mature and ripen.



Northern Negev – Shomria Vineyard

Winemaking Process

The grapes were harvested in a night harvest and transferred immediately to destemming and to a slight crushing. The must was transferred to a natural sediment for the night. After the shading of the must, the liquid was fermented to a temperature of about 16 degrees Celsius. At the end of the fermentation, the wine underwent a series of racking and fining, and right after, the wine was supplemented by natural must, which was preserved in the early stages before fermentation, thus creating the final blend before the bottling stage.

Tasting Notes

The Moshava Gewürztraminer is a delicate and aromatic wine that fermented in stainless steel tanks, to preserve the characteristic aromas of the variety: rose water aromas combined with typical tropical features, such as lychee and fresh red grapefruit. The wine has a slight sweetness and is well balanced with a refreshing acidity and shows a long and rich finish with clear and sharp flavors.