Teav Shiraz


Dry Red Wine

This is a dry red wine produced from Shiraz grapes harvested mainly in the Galilee region with some from the Judean Plains. The wine has a sumptuous fruity, slightly spicy and smoky character.

The Shiraz variety occupies a place of honor in our lineup of premium grape varieties and is grown in nearly all of our vineyards.




Characterized by aromas of red berries, vanilla and a decadent touch of chocolate.

Serving Temperature

18-20 °C

Winemaking Process

The grapes are harvested and transported to the winery at night. After 24 hours of soaking with the skins at low temperatures, yeast is added to the must and alcoholic fermentation begins at an average temperature of 25°C in order to preserve the aromas of the grapes and a balanced body. The wine spends two weeks on average in contact with the skins to extract color and flavor. After pressing, the wine continues to age a little longer in the tanks with some oak intervention, after which the wine blend is selected and bottled.

Tasting Notes

Binyamina Winery’s Teva Shiraz is a rich wine with a beautiful purplish-ruby color. It is enjoyable as a young wine with an early emergence of black forest fruits, some spice and a smoky quality characteristic of this variety. The palate is tantalizing, soft and fruity and like other wines in the series, is best served when slightly chilled. With proper storage conditions, the wine will continue to age well for a short period of two to three years. But rather than trying to wait it out, pop it open and enjoy it while young.